The Journey So Far…

I had been drawing “everything” mostly still objects and scenery. Put down your pair of shoes, park your bike, and all that stuff and trust Awiba to draw it. I used to carry with me my sketchpad to almost everywhere I go. At school (Senior High School) I would sit at a calm place and sketch the entire scene before me. It was so lovely.

Then in 2008, I discovered something about the human form that intrigued me. It was amazing how various people had distinct facial and other bodily features. I started observing people closely enough and took notice of many things. I then decided to venture into portraiture. I remember making a self portrait by looking into a dressing mirror – it came out well (then) and people encouraged me to keep up with it.

In 2010 however, I had the greatest embarrassment of my life (exaggeration) when I made a portrait of a course mate and mistakenly showed it to her. It obviously wasn’t nowhere near a good portrait and this mate pointed it out to me in a not-so-pleasant manner (thank God you weren’t there – very embarrassing). I burnt all my art supplies and said goodbye to art completely. But after several months, I kinda felt empty without art and had to go back.

Piece by piece, this is how far I’ve come in about 2 1/2 years (two and a half). In my subsequent posts, I’m gonna share with you some of my works spanning from 2011 to 2012, the years I’ve been officially active in portraiture. Your comments, once again, would be appreciated greatly. FIND BELOW A PIECE FROM 2008Image


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