Finding Art Supplies… In Ghana

In the past months, I’ve had people, art enthusiasts mainly, ask me various questions which have to do with choice of art supplies and where to get them. It is rather unfortunate how certain people capitalize on others’ frantic efforts to get good and quality but affordable art materials to buy by advertizing art products that do not serve in the least, the purpose for which they were bought.
To start with, I’d like to make the point that, good art must not necessarily be made by expensive supplies. Most of the famous artists we’ve come to know made their works using rags in place of the so-called quality canvases that are advertized today (I’m not in any way suggesting you do same though). However, you can get quality art materials out there today that come affordable.
In Ghana, there are only but a few complete art stores. Most prominent Ghanaian artists order their supplies from abroad. Since this blog does not target these “big” artists, I’m going to share one or two of the art stores I’ve come across where, in my opinion, u can get quality art materials as a young artist.

Located on the Osu Oxford Street in Accra, Ghana, Acrylex is a one-stop shop for artists. Almost every tool or material you need as an artist can be found in this store. From a wide variety of pencils, papers, brushes, postal colours, paints to artists easels, et cetera are all available in this store. Remember: You do not need everything but can do almost everything with anything (Does that make sense? I hope it does)

Most of the art materials are sold in this establishment even though they do not deal exclusively in art materials. They have various art pencils, brushes, sketchbooks and papers, amongst others. Find them at Osu adjacent Ako Adjei on the La-Independence Square stretch.
I sometimes (Confession: most times) get my materials from small bookshops around. Experimentation is key in developing oneself and “style” as an artist. Let’s keep experimenting different mediums and types. Please share with us any information u may have on art supplies, not only in Ghana. Other comments and suggestions are also welcome


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