ImageSo, I’m by no means saying I’m an expert but below is my version of steps to painting on a canvas. I’ve come to realize over the past months that most articles on this subject are written in such complex manner that novices mostly find hard to comprehend. I’m hoping this would be simple and clear enough for my target readers. Your feedback are highly welcome.


1. Stretch the Canvas
Assemble stretcher bars to your desired dimensions and stretch your canvas on it. Make sure the canvas is not loose.

2. Prime the Canvas
It is advisable to prime your canvas with a layer of gesso before you start painting. You can also prime the canvas with a layer of acrylic.

3. Setting up
Set up your stretched canvas on an easel. Set it up so that it is not too high or too low depending on your height. At this point, you should also make sure your painting space is properly lit; has good lighting source.

4. Study the subject
Take time to study your subject. Mentally paint the subject before you start painting on the canvas. This goes a long way in helping you when you start the actual painting.

5. Sketching
Depending on your subject, you may have to sketch it on the canvas first before you paint. Make sure you get all your proportions right at this stage before you lay paint on the canvas.

6. Underpainting
Identify the colour/tone that is universal and that may blend easily at almost all the areas once you start painting. Do an underpainting with this colour. This gives a good texture of the painting and ensures that you do not work from the white canvas directly once you start painting.

7. Start Painting.
Start painting, little details at a time. Do not rush. It is also advisable at this stage to once in while, pause and step back to access what you are doing. It mostly helps in identifying what you may have left out and your general progress.
Keep adding details. Remember, an artwork is not finished; it’s only abondoned. But you have got to get to a gratifying stage before you think of finishing.

8. Framing
You may choose to frame your painting or simply paint the edges of the piece with a suitable colour.


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