Update on a piece I worked on this week

Last week, a client sent a picture of his boss at work to be drawn. It was to be a present for him on his birthday somewhere within this week. In the pic, the man was not alone, he was with another man (a friend, possibly). He had on a polo shirt and a baseball cap. My task was to single him out from de pic, undress him completely and redress him differently, with pencil, Lol. Basically, I was to take off de baseball cap and the polo shirt and put him in a Kente cloth (a type of Ghanaian cloth). I did my best and I must say de client really helped by describing in detail de shape and mould of his boss’ head. And he loved the finished piece. My greatest satisfaction has always come from dat feeling, the feeling of satisfaction and appreciation on clients’ faces when they see their work. And de comments dat follow.
I will post that piece here shortly. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for the support. Good morning.