Reaching Out To All

It’s 9:51pm in Ghana and I just finished a commissioned piece for a client based in USA. And I just recalled an incident dating back to about a year ago. By the way, I’m typing this post with my phone so forgive me if u come across any error. A potential American client contacted me. He wanted a portrait but he was not sure if I was the right person to commission one from. His reason? Quite simple: he had been following my works for a while and noticed I almost always drew people of my folk (blacks/Africans) and barely had portraits of his folk (caucasians) in my portfolio. So he thought I may draw his black version, hehe. I took time to explain to him that he sees more of those simply because I get more orders from where I am. And not in any way that I do not draw any other but my kind. In fact, in my opinion, drawing the white folk is comparatively simpler to blacks since the latter’s skin tone is darker naturally and with much depth.
I may have succeeded in convincing him or he just felt like giving it a try. So he placed an order, from the states. In 3 days time, the work was complete and ready to be sent. I sent him a picture of the piece and he was amazed. 3 days later, the original signed piece was at his doorstep in the States. He has recommended me to several of his friends since then. And so far, so good.
So I’m thinking… maybe it’s about time I start finding time to draw some caucasians just to add to my portfolio, to give it balance. Not a bad idea, is it?
Anyway, if I’m not making sense pardon me for I think I’m feeling sleepy.
Good night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Reaching Out To All

  1. I find it interesting that someone would say that. I guess as an artist, I take it for granted that when I draw a portrait it is all about the shapes and planes of face etc. and not a preconceived make this person look this way or that. As my old art teacher used to say, “draw what you see and not what you know.”

    By the way, I love your art… Keep them coming 🙂


    • Oh yes, I agree with u Rebecca. It was quite an interesting observation to make. I also used to go with those preconceptions about the shapes and planes of the face and I realized it affected resemblance greatly.It’s so basic that we sometimes assume the eye for example is egg-shaped so we go with that preconception. We end up with a portrait of George Bush, instead of say, Obama that we set out to draw, lol. Your old art teacher was on point, “draw what you see and not what you know – in portraiture” I had to add that.
      Thanks so much.


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