Hi everyone. Yea I know, I haven’t been posting lately. I have just been occupied with office work at where I’m doing my national service. Nonetheless, I’ve been making lil’ times to work on few commissions. Ok, so let me feed you in on the current piece I’m working on. I may not be able to post that after it is done for privacy sake. It’s a face of a cute lil’ baby being breastfed by his mum. So in the reference pic, you have just one breast of the mum at the lower left section and the entire space left shows two set of cute popping eyes, a small nose, a small part of the mouth as the rest is busily covered under the breast (busily feeding on it of course) and lastly, a ballooned cheek obviously full with food; oh a cute dimple as well. 

The mum commissioned me to do it and she tells me there is a story behind that picture for which reason she had kept it for the past 6 years waiting to get a good artist to draw it. So honoured she chose me. I’m doing it on a 16 by 20 inches scale and expected to deliver it on Saturday. I love what I do. 

Good morning!


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