The New Blog Experience

Hi everyone, a big and warm welcome to all new visitors and members of my blog. If you’ve been here before or you form part of my lovely member community, you’d notice by now that the blog has undergone some changes. I felt it was about time I added a new look and feel to the blog hence, what you see now. The new feel is to make your experience here henceforth more enjoyable and with so much ease.  

First, the sharing and like buttons now show directly below each post right on the homepage. This means you no more have to click to open each individual post in order to access those buttons. You can like and share my posts straight from the homepage.

I have also added a Gallery page to the blog. You may click on that page button to view most of my works. This is to make viewing of my works easily accessible to those who wouldn’t be too comfortable scrolling all through my posts.

The Biography page has also been updated. And of course, I’m using a new theme.

I’m also looking out to display links of good blogs here (especially blogs of artists and photographers). The blog owner should only reciprocate the offer on his/her blog. If you are a blogger and interested in that, please contact me through my contact form or e-mail.

I do hope you enjoy the new experience!


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