The Man Called Kelvin Okafor

Somewhere last year a friend sent me a link to the blog of a London-based artist by name Kelvin Okafor. My mouth involuntarily remained agape as I browsed through his masterpieces, in awe. Until then, I had not seen such detailed pieces of pencil works before. I’m sure if I had seen those works before the memorable advice I had from an artist sometime back (which I will tell you about later), I would’ve felt discouraged and stopped drawing. I quickly bookmarked his blog which I’ve been visiting to date.

To those who do not know the famous Okafor already, he is a British artist(of Nigerian descent) who was educated at St. Ignatius’ College in Enfield and Middlesex University, graduating in Fine Art in 2009. He lives in Tottenham, London. After receiving several awards and prizes in 2012 and 2013, Kelvin Okafor’s story was picked up by the BBC and other media which propelled him to fame. Popular among his works are portraits of Amy Winehouse, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Beyonce, Rihanna, and more.

I have had so much inspiration from this great artist. I have learnt from him that investing time and patience in one’s work adds value to it as he dedicates many hours to his masterpieces. I know there are better artists out there who may not have been fortunate enough to be exposed in the limelight as Okafor has, but he has made a name for himself and will continue to be an inspiration for many artists worldwide. And since I’m fortunate enough to be his friend on Facebook, and per how he write his posts, I can imagine he is very humble. I see many followers of him express their disappointments on his page for his failure to respond to their queries. I always sit back and ask “How do we expect a man who commits about 100 hours to a single portrait to equally have time to answer all queries on his social media platforms?”

I would’ve attached some of his works in this post but I don’t know if I’m allowed to, per copyright regulations and all. So you may click on the links below to his blog, website and Wikepedia page. I hope you enjoy his works as much as I did and still do. Good day.



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