From Ghana to Norway. I moved!


Today I type this piece from the beautiful city of Trondheim, Norway. I moved here a couple of weeks ago to pursue a 2-year MPhil program. Preparations before take-off was quite hectic. I also had several commissions to finish for clients before leaving.

I was about to move from my country of birth. The land I had grown fond of throughout my twenty something years of existence. My family, my friends, my clients, MY STUDIO! I was to leave them all behind and start all over again in a new, unknown land. Decisions had to be made in a very limited period of time. To cut everything short, I moved. I took with me some art supplies to start with till I find materials here to buy.

Since I arrived, my efforts have been towards setting up an in-room studio. I am glad to announce that all is set. I’ll begin working on some pieces very soon so please keep fingers crossed. Right at the base of my residence is a vibrant courier service centre where finished pieces can be sent to be shipped to clients worldwide. I also discovered some beautiful frames in a shop here that clients would love! Lastly, for all those who had wanted to pay for my services without having to step outside of their rooms, there is good news. In a couple of weeks (to be announced soon), you can commission me to draw your beautiful loved ones, or/and yourself from the comfort of your home and pay me through paypal. So wherever you find yourself, I am at your service. All you have to do is to contact me with your request, send the reference picture, sit back and relax as your work is completed and shipped to your doorstep. If you are in Norway, then it’s even easier. My e-mail is still active, you can reach me by dropping a mail there or visit the Contact page on this blog.

I am attaching a few of the old works I did back in Ghana before leaving. Had to rush through most of them for obvious reasons.

Thank you!

erny_wmIMG_20140624_200745_0IMG_20140613_210224_0IMG_20140625_172912_0IMG_20140418_115225_0_wm IMG_20140510_182429_0


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