20150429_113834Stephen Awiba is a self-taught Ghanaian artist who specialises in portraiture. His portraits are mainly drawn with graphite pencils, charcoal and coloured pencils but he occasionally paints with acrylic. He currently works from his in-room studio in Accra, Ghana.

He was born in the city of Kumasi, Ghana to a wonderful family. He is the youngest amongst six siblings. Growing up, Awiba noticed ‘art was in the family’ as almost all his siblings could marvel anyone with their drawing skills. His began to manifest in primary school when he used to draw cartoon characters and still objects to the admiration of mates and teachers. It therefore disappointed many when Awiba opted to pursue a non-art course in High School. But he did not lay down his drawing tools.

His interest in portraiture as an art form surfaced when he began his undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana. He acknowledged the difficulty in capturing the human face with a high degree of resemblance on paper/canvas and took up the challenge. Indeed, his first serious attempt at this art form in 2011 did not go so well. He however prides himself in learning from past mistakes and improving with each piece. He attributes his progress so far to the encouragements he receives from people through comments on posts, mails and phone calls.

Stephen Awiba captures memories in his portraits which he painstakingly renders with the client’s satisfaction in mind. He has over the years worked for many clients worldwide.

To commission a portrait from Awiba, please WhatsApp/call him on +233 20 230 65 22.


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  1. Stephen, you have some great work here. I don’t know how you get such smooth shading in your sketches, but the results are great.
    I’m self taught also and was reading one of your earlier posts about supplies and you asked for feedback from others. I’m in Australia and Art Supplies are not hard to find. However I am lazy and up until this year I have used only a 4B pencil (AUD$0.70) and Sketchpad (AUD$4.50) from the local Newsagent. I treated myself to a better quality sketchpad (Moleskin) over Christmas, but still stick with just the 4B pencil for sketching. I would like to work with a range of pencils but not sure if I will get to do it any time soon … at this stage I enjoy what I am doing and like keeping it simple.

    Appreciated the “Like” – mostly because it led me here to your blog! I’m looking forward to following 🙂


    • I kinda saw your comment on another blog and followed up to yours and I was so glad I did. Your works are awesome and I love them. Yes, art supplies are hard to come by here in Ghana. I get calls almost each day from people asking where I get my materials and I just had to publish that post. I usually work in one or two pencils myself so I agree with u. Thanks for the likes and am following u already


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